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Almonds on Crack [ Granola Recipe ]

Hello World! 
I am back with another recipe. Most of you may be wondering "Andria, what happened to your macaron series?"... yes it is still a thing in the works. My next post is mostly drafted but between moving and all the hectic post grad shenanigans, life has kind of been throwing me around from here to there and I haven't been able to finish the graphics. So in the mean time, here's one of my favorite daily recipes that I use all the time. 
Store bought granola has always been a hit or miss with a tendency for the miss for me. That's why I started making my own granola, and I haven't gone back since. There are so many benefits to making your own granola such as not having to worry about super weird ingredients and chemicals added in for freshness, getting to choose what you want in your granola, annnnd you get the really nice nutty crunchiness of home roasted almonds :) Are you sold yet? Because I am
I swear there's something about this recipe that is j…

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