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[Teach a Fool] Macaron Tutorial ~ Pt.1 Intro

Hello world,
It's been a while since I last wrote something online for ThePuffaron. For the past year I've been on a sort of baking hiatus (excluding a special wedding). I've come to a point where I could be ok with taking an indefinite break from baking. It's not that I don't like baking anymore but taking some time off helped me realize that there are so many other things that I love and things that I have an interest in pursuing. The idea of taking time off from baking to pursue those interest sits well with me and I feel completely content with leaving baking to be a side hobby for now.
That said, I've been thinking about what I want to do with ThePuffaron. Over the years I've accrued a ton of knowledge simply from countless hours of trial and error baking sessions at home and online research. I've read through more blogs that I can count and I have a huge playlist of macaron how-to videos saved on Youtube.
Back when I was still researching macaron …

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